Odell Beckham’s Cousin Is Absolutely Jacked, Trying To Become NFL RB


Odell Beckham Jr. shot into the NFL spotlight when he started routinely making ridiculously freakish catches for his NY Giants. His cousin now wants some of that spotlight and he’s got a little freakishness to himself as well. Though he may not haul one-handed catches in like Odell, Terron Beckham sure has been doing such with dumbbells.

At 5-foot-11, and 230lbs., Terron is able to bench press 225 pounds 42 times (the most reps ever by a running back at the NFL Combine is 32), also boasting a 45-inch vertical jump. Talk about a physical specimen, this guy is every combine scout’s dream. But all that means ziltch if it can’t translate to the football field. So the real question is, can he play football?

Only time will tell if he’ll be able to work his way into the NFL spotlight like Odell, but he’ll definitely get his chance. Some things working against him?  Spending the past several years working as a trainer and fitness model, Terron hasn’t played football since high school. Second, his chance will come at the National Scouting combine on Feb. 25. That’s a separate event from the televised NFL Combine, one where the country’s top collegian players from major conferences convene to showcase their skills for multiple days for a shot at the actual combine we’ve come to know.


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No one is sue yet if this guy has the knack to develop himself into an NFL player, but if you’re looking at miserables, there may be nobody better.


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