Interviews With People That Attended The Rob Gronkowski Party Ship


New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski held a Gronk Party Ship for the weekend, sailing from Miami to the Bahamas. with close to 700 fans on board with Gronk an some of his family members,  the cruise pulled out Friday afternoon and returned Monday morning.

According to Christopher Muther and James Reed of the Boston Globe,  who attended the Gronk Party Ship, the party ship lived up to it’s name.

Festivities hit booze-addled, fist-pumping heights and carried on till nearly 4 a.m. each day, bolstered by an entertainment that included rappers, DJs, and comedians. Even Gronk’s dad, Gordon, got in on the action, jumping up and down onstage during a late-night set from rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

The Boston Globe also found some attendees that were aboard the Gronk Party Ship and they collected some amazing quotes from people are going wild:


“Am I having a good time? Oh my God, yes! Although I kind of don’t remember last night. I might have blacked out,” said a Framingham woman who identified herself as “There’s absolutely no way I’m telling you my name.”

Now although only 700 or the nearly 2,300 cruisers were part of the Gronk Party Ship, non-Gronk fans interviewed said they were “unfazed by the shenanigans; in face some of them enjoyed the additional color.”

The Woody Show also caught up with some people who attended the festivities held by Gronkowski and really gave a “NSFW” description of what their experience was like:

(Warning: This video contains NSFW language)

Robert Klemko and his Gronk Party Ship source reported that Gronk offered a couple “10 grand cash right now if you bang in front of everybody.”

Safe to say, Gronk and his friends had a blast.

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