Manziel Spotted Downing Champagne Hours After His Case Was Sent To Grand Jury

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MIAMI BEACH, Fl – In a perfect world this wouldn’t be a story. A high profile professional athlete, enjoying his Thursday night, sipping on some Ace of Spades Champagne out of a gold bottle, a mean Gronk does it right?

But this isn’t a perfect world, and Johnny Manziel is no Gronk. While Rob Gronkowski acts like a fool dancing with girls and boozing it up himself on a cruise, Gronk has no track record, not arrests, and no off-the-field incidents involving police nor any that affecting his team. Johnny Football on the other hand, does, and does it like it;s his job.

Manizel made news January 30th after police were looking for the quarterback after claims were made that he had assaulted his ex-girlfriend, hitting her so hard that he eardrum popped (which is now no longer a claim, but a fact). The allegations seemed odd and unreasonable at first, but the investigation has picked up so much so that Manziel’s case will be sent to a gran jury for final decision.


So what do you do when not just your career but your freedom is on the line? Head down to Miami and party it up right? Right.
Johnny Manziel spent his Thursday night pounding champagne in Story, a popular South Beach night club, which was captured by onlookers. Manziel appeared to have tried to go semi-incognito, sporting a big hat and sunglasses … but it’s obvious it’s him.

Manziel could face misdemeanor assault/domestic violence charges and we’re sure partying it up in South Beach right after hearing news of the severity of what you’ve done isn’t the best PR move.