Knife Found Buried On The Ex-Property Of OJ Simpson


BRENTWOOD, CA – With the FX Series The People vs. OJ Simpson being the newest hit show on television, Simpson has made his way back into the news, but not because of the show.

As of Friday, police have confirmed that a knife has been recovered at the Los Angeles-area ex-property once owned by former football star O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted more than two decades ago after being sent to trial for double homicide, notably including his ex-wife.

The murder weapon which was long searched for by police in those 1994 stabbing deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman was never found. Possibly, until now.


Where the story gets weird is that allegedly, a construction worker found the knife on the property 7 years ago, to which he handed it over to a police officer, who instead of turning it in, decided to keep it as a memento, going as far as to engrave it and frame it.

According to CNN, during the high profile murder trail which is now being re-lived by the FX series, the owner of Ross Cutlery store, Allen Wattenberg, had testified that one of his store’s employees sold O.J. Simpson a 15-inch stiletto knife on May 3, 1994. He noted that Simpson had asked that the knife be sharpened before purchasing.

The prosecution witness in the case, Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, told the jury that upon analysis, he believed the murder was committed using a single-edged knife, not a serrated blade. The doctor later testified that he could not be 100% positive of his findings following cross-examination.

We all know how the trial played out from there, with OJ flanked by his dream team of layers being found not guilty for the two killings. Simpson cannot be re-tired due to stature of limitations, double jeopardy, and other legality issues, but it should be interesting if this knife can provide any further clues or evidence that will help clarify possibly the most debated murder trail in United States history.

The knife is currently under examination for any traces of fingerprints, hair and/or DNA.

(CNN, KTLA5 News)