Brock Osweiler’s Altercation Outside Arizona Pizza Shop Caught On Video

(Sort of) Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler was heckled outside a pizza shop in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday morning and things got a little chippy according to TMZ Sports.

A woman is seen trying to confront Brock’s wife and he gives her a love tap to push her away. Brock then tries to gather his friends and get into a waiting car to leave the situation. But one of the men in the other party didn’t appreciate Brock putting his hands on another woman and made physical contact with Brock, pushing him towards the waiting car.

Osweiler, who’s on the verge of getting paid by either the Broncos or another NFL team did the smart thing by not engaging in a fight with the individual, held his friends back and ordered everyone into the car.


Cops were on the scene and helped break up the situation and as TMZ pointed out, Brock walked away without an injury or an arrest.