Trail Blazers Release Amazing ‘Never Doubt Rip City’ Commercial

The Portland Trail Blazers have exceeded everyone’s expectation this year.

After Portland LaMarcus Aldridge and three other starters last summer, many people believed they were a team looking to rebuild and didn’t expect much from the team in 2015-16.

But here we are, with 20 games remaining, the Blazers sit as the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference at 33-131.

They have one of the most dynamic back courts in the NBA.


Damian Lillard has been playing MVP basketball after being an All-Star sub. C.J. McCollum is on pace to win the NBA’s Most Improved Player award and head coach Terry Stotts is deserving as any other coach to win the Coach of the Year honors.

Check out this commercial released by the Blazers, “Never Doubt Rip City.”

[Portland Trail Blazers]