NBA Star Nate Robinson Announces He Will Try Out For The NFL


The Broncos are in dire need of a quarterback to try and defend their Super Bowl title but it doesn’t look like Nate Robinson’s their guy.

And you may ask, how does NBA star Nate Robinson find his way into a football conversation? He’s just announced plans to try out for the National Football league.

The 31-year-old pint-sized, high energy point guard is a free agent and has decided to try his hand at his other love, football. Now it may not seem as outlandish as it seems.


Robinson played football through highschool and even a year in college at the University of Washington, where he racked up two interceptions and 34 tackles playing for the Huskies as a freshman cornerback in 2002 (

Robinson released a video through The Lead Sports to announce the news of his plans to try out for NFL teams:

Here are Robinson’s highschool highlights:

Though corner backs tend to be some of the smaller guys on an NFL roster, it will be interesting to see if scouts take the 5’9″ 180lb. Robinson seriously. It’s safe to say he definitely makes up for it with the bounce though, winning the dunk contest an NBA record 3 times.

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