REPORT: Texas Department of Corrections Signs Johnny Manziel To 3 to 5 Years

Johnny_Manziel1HUNTSVILLE, TX – Johnny Manziel was, as predicted, cut by the Browns Friday morning after 2 short years in Cleveland. Adding to a forever growing long list of spoiled draft picks, the 22nd overall is now no longer on Cleveland’s roster.

With a wealth of QBs on the market but the majority of them on the relative back end of their careers, the Texas Department of Corrections decided to take a gamble on the Browns quarterback, signing Manziel to a 3 to 5 year, $0 million dollar contract with no signing bonus.

This comes after Manziel’s domestic assault case was sent to a grand jury a few short weeks ago, where Manziel was alleged to have hit his now ex-girlfriend so hard one of her eardrums popped.

“We feel like Manziel’s the perfect fit, he’s the prototype guy we look for,” said Brad Livingston, CEO of the TDOC.


The department was pleased with Manziel agreeing to sign, with an answer coming just 7 hours after he was officially waived by the Browns. According to some sources close to the situation,  the Austin Rehab Facility and El Paso Juvinille Center did have their eyes on the QB, with TDOC fearing Manziel would pull an Osweiler.

Manziel’s stats in his two years in Cleveland include 8 starts, 8 TDs, 7 INTs, 478 Beers, 349 Shots, 192 Jagerbombs, 2 drunk practices, and 1 rehab visit.