Bernie Sanders Thinks The Redskins Should Change Their Name

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FLAGSTAFF, AZ – It’s well known that the president resides in Washington DC for his term, and one of the biggest things in DC besides the monuments? Washington Redskins football.

Even presidential candidates are getting in on the action when it comes to the debate on whether the team should change their name due to racial undertones to the word ‘Redskins’.

While speaking to supporters at the Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort in Flagstaff, Arizona on Thursday, Sanders said while speaking about the matter:


“Washington has a very good football team but it doesn’t have to be called the Redskins.” 

Now we all may not agree with his thoughts, but one thing we can all agree with? That this man may be too incompetent to hold office after calling the Redskins a “very good football team.”