Spring Breaker Posts Video Of Him Drilling Cop Car With Football, Now Wanted For Arrest

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GULF SHORES, AL – There’s a lot of crazy shit to do on Spring Break, but drilling a cop car with a football is probably not one of them that fall into the ‘good idea’ bucket – but then again, how many do.

One bro living it up in Gulf Shores Alabama this year decided to chuck a football at a cop car about 40 yards down beach, obviously hitting it; which actually is a fairly impressive throw for someone we give a 110% chance of being intoxicated to.

We’ve learned that posting illegal things on social media isn’t the smartest of moves, and we have ourselves another prime example folks.

After the video of the throw was posted online, it soon after went viral, attracting the attention of none other than the Gulf Shores Police Department.

The guy with the big arm, who was identified later by police as Kameron Lane Heady, is now facing an arrest warrant for harassment for the act.

“A Spring Breaker thought it would be a great idea to throw a football at a GSPD vehicle patrolling the beaches of Gulf Shores,” the department posted on Facebook Friday.”Hey Kameron. We found you. Great arm. Bad decision,” the department hilariously posted on Facebook.


Police posted a photo of the warrant, which states Kameron Lane Heady is facing $1,000 bond.

The post called for Heady to turn himself in, to which we aren’t sure yet if he has turned himself in.

According to AL.com, he department posted the video the same day city officials announced alcohol was banned from the beach for the duration of spring break.