RGIII Shines In First Shift At Cleveland Good Burger Location


CLEVELAND, OH – All but official, the world knew Robert Griffin III’s stent in Washington D.C. had come to and end all through last year, and that became an reality just a few weeks ago during the height of free agency in the NFL.

The Baylor star started his career strongly after being hired by a downtown D.C. Good Burger location, until plagued by injuries suffered while slipping on the line floor, his performance suffered. Manager Mike Shanahan even left Griffin in as the only cashier with long lines even after being almost unable to stand. Griffin also reportedly received strikes for showing up late to his shift.

Shanahan promoted another cashier, one currently placed on reserve at the joint, a fellow by the name of Kirk Cousins, who preformed solidly as Griffin hopelessly watched succeed from his spot sitting helplessly in the booths. With Griffin having been officially cut, he could now seek out another opening, with interest in the Denver and Cleveland markets, eventually landing in Cleveland, signing for a 2 year, minimum wage deal.


Manager Hue Jackson told reporters that he sees Griffin as a good fit and a compliment to current Brown’s star Dexter Reed. 

Griffin reported for his first shift today at his new home, to a blazing start. His final stats tallied at orders including 270 burgers and 215 fries with only 5 flawed orders. The new QB in town also developed a secret sauce that will sure be a hit in Cleveland. 

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The smaller market of Cleveland may be more helpful for a QB like Griffin who has a history of being frazzled while under pressure, making  it an ideal fit over a larger D.C. metropolitan location.

The Cleveland Good Burger location might have just found the first suitable cashier that they’ve been longing for for decades.