Steve Smith On Greg Hardy Never Hitting A Woman: “So She Just Slipped On The Carpet..?”

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For those who are familiar with NFL long-timer Steve Smith Jr. he is passionate about many things. One of those being his family.

Smith’s mother was a victim of domestic violence, and he wasn’t letting former Panther and Cowboy Greg Hardy’s comments that he never, ever hit a women, including his girlfriend, fly.

Hardy, an NFL free agent out of a job, sat down with ESPN’s Adam Scheffer this weekend, in an interview that of course covered the events that Hardy’s career has now been defined by. Hardy physically abused his girlfriend almost to the point of death, to which he denied in the interview, claiming he did do wrong, but he did not hit her. His then girlfriend was left with scrapes and bruises covering her body literally, from head to toe.

Smith sent out a tweet soon after, posting a portion of the transcript, with the caption, ” So I guess she Tripped on the carpet or something… my mom is a SurvivorSo I guess she Tripped on the carpet or something… my mom is a Survivor”

Hardy’s interview seems to be a ploy to clear the air and maybe entice some NFL teams to regain interest in the defensive end standout, but blatantly lying about the matter might have done more harm than help.

Steve Smith keeping it real, once again.