ESPN Releases Trailer For OJ Simpson’s 7-Hour 30 for 30, And It Looks Incredible


The American public was recaptured by OJ Simpson once again, will all eyes fixed on the trial with FX’s The People vs OJ Simpson, with the finale airing earlier this week.

ESPN is next in line to recover on of the most popular murder cases in American history, with a 7-and-a-half hour long documentary that will be part of their hit 30 for 30 series titled OJ: Made in America.

The film will no dramatize the events in the format that FX opted towards, but rather using clips and second-hand recollections of the case, focusing more on OJ’s life and the current racial climate in the Untied States rather than simply the details of just the trial.

According to People Magazine, In 2010, the network’s 30 for 30 documentary series presented an episode titled “June 17, 1994,” which chronicled the dramatic day and night of Simpson’s infamous white Bronco chase. But that event, and the subsequent trial, is only a piece of the sprawling, vivid mosaic on display in O.J.: Made in America. Directed by 30 for 30 veteran Ezra Edelman, the seven-and-half-hour series will premiere with the opening episode on ABC on June 11 at 9 p.m. ET.

ESPN will then air the doc in five separate parts, with the first one showing on June 14th. In addition, at the Tribeca Film Festival, the whole documentary (which producers intend to submit for Oscar consideration), will screen in a one-day marathon on April 23rd, followed by a Q&A with Edelman on April 24th.

“This is not a film simply focused on the murders or the trial,” Edelman told Entertainment Weekly, so much so, that the phyicalt timeline of the murders do not occur until the film’s third episode.