Johnny Manziel Indicted By Grand Jury For Assaulting His Girlfriend

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DALLAS, TX – Johnny Manziel’s assult incident seemed to be brushed off by the media after a relatively short stent of time compared to what we’ve seen with other cases. Whether that be it wasn’t considered as serious as one’s such as that of Ray Rice and Greg Hardy’s (even though he did hit his now ex-girlfriend hard enough to rupture her eardrum), or the fact that Manziel has been getting into too much other trouble to keep track.

According to CBS Dallas, Fort-Worth, as of Sunday night, the grand jury that was sent the case has now indicted Manziel of the misdemeanor assult charge.

The incident, which occurred back on January 30th, entailed Manziel reportedly forcing his longtime girlfriend Colleen Crowley into his car, striking her in the side of the head specifically the ear area, causing her to lose a portion of her hearing. The assult occurred starting inside an uptown Dallas hotel and continued outside, with Manziel allegedly by-passing  a valet attendant trying to come to Crowley’s aid.

Manziel was released the Browns on March 11th and has since been dropped by Nike and two agents.

Currently a free-agent, the NFL will likely discipline the quarterback for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, the same instilment that was put into place following the infamous Ray Rice offseason incident of 2014.

Violations falling under the umbrella of assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault warrant a minimum six-game suspension for first-time offenders.


  1. No surprise here…Manzeil is indicted because he is no longer with an NFL football team.
    You see, when you are a member of an NFL football team and you break the
    law, that team and the NFL will go to the police and courts and pay
    those people off with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.
    LeSean McCooney of the Bills assaulted an off duty cop in Philadelphia,
    but …no charges against McCooney…Why ? Big money payoffs to the
    cops, and the courts…

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