Eagles Fan Optimistic About Draft, Gets ‘2019 Super Bowl Champs’ Tattoo

Another day, another (at this point atleast) idiot getting a Super Bowl prediction tattoo. But this isn’t any prediction. This is an Eagles winning the Super Bowl prediction.

I wouldn’t bet 5 bucks on this and this man is betting his right leg and his dignity on it. It’s ballsy enough to ink up your leg with the Eagles logo and Super Bowl in one tattoo, but to but a date next to it? You’ve got to have  some confidence in your gut…

Clearly optimistic about this years draft, where his team has traded their way up to the 2nd overall pick to presumably select their next franchise QB, he went out on a limb, pun intended.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.37.10 PM


Hate to break it to ya sir, but not sure a random kid out of North Dakota State they’ve probably never seen play  is going to lead the team to their first Super Bowl in 40 years.

When will they learn…