Patriots Sign Unknown QB Named Dom Trady To 4-Game Contract


FOXBOROUGH, MA – Monday, the Patriots learned they would be without their quarterback Tom Brady for the first 4 games of the 2016-2017 upcoming season.

This came after a US court of appeals reinstated the 4-game ban under the premise that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell exercised his right to hand down the punishment under the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

It’s safe to say the organization didn’t see this coming. While restructuring Brady’s contract, they made it so where the QB would lose only about $200k instead of $2 million. With that done, the Patriots took the new step, and began scouting prospective quarterbacks to take Brady’s place in case the suspension was reinstated.


Trade up to the top of the draft? Wasn’t an option with the few amount of picks they had to trade away. Sign Johnny Manziel? Lol.

There was one quarterback that came up on the radar though. A quarterback by the name of Dom Trady. Trady, currently a free agent that went un-drafted during the 2000 NFL draft, out of a small division 4 program, Muniversity of Ichigan.

He was visited by Patriots scouts and though not impressive in measurables, he was reportedly impressive enough with his throwing ability. According to sources, at the workout all he had to do to get the nod was show he could throw better Colin Kaepernick (which throwing the ball to the receivers instead of the ground marked that one off the checklist) and finish the session with both ACLs in-tact, which put him ahead of Sam Bradford as candidate for the fill-in Pats QB.

Grady’s wife Bisele Gundchen spoke to reporters outside the Patriots’ practice facility when they arrived Tuesday morning. “We’re proud of him, he’s worked so hard for so many years awaiting a call from an NFL team, she said when asked about her husband’s  surprising call up to the figurative big leagues. “I hated seeing him deflated just waiting and waiting for the phone to ring. That all changed today, and I want to thank the Patriots for giving him a chance.”

New England signed the QB to a contract spanning only 4 games, and with once again become a free-agent after that.

When handed a portion of the playbook, Grady seemed to pick to pick it up at an “astonishing rate” according to team insiders.

Trady is expected to attended the team’s offseason workouts.