Johnny Manziel Watches NFL Draft From A Bar Before A Justin Bieber Concert

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Two years ago, Johnny Manziel was a Cleveland Browns first-round pick. Boy how times have changed.

Instead of seeing who would be his newest teammates would be, Johnny Manziel watched he NFL draft tonight in Columbus, Ohio…at a bar…before a Justin Bieber concert.

The free-agent quarterback who is likely to stay a free-agent for quite some time after supposedly being black-balled by Roger Goodell, was reportedly killing some time before he was to attend Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour, which stopped at the Schottenstein Center Thursday night.


There was a joke floating around the interwebs earlier Thursday night saying Johnny Manziel was probably drunk in a bar somewhere telling people he’s better than all these QBs combined…and we’ll what do you know.

Talk about a drop off…