Johnny Manziel Orders 300 Shots For Everyone In Bar After Draft Last Night


Johnny Manziel was hilariously spotted last night watching the NFL draft from a Colombus, Ohio bar before a Justin Bieber concert.

The free-agent quarterback who is likely to stay a free-agent for quite some time after supposedly being black-balled by Roger Goodell, was reportedly killing some time before he was to attend Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour, which stopped at the Schottenstein Center Thursday night. There was a joke floating around the interwebs earlier Thursday night saying Johnny Manziel was probably drunk in a bar somewhere telling people he’s better than all these QBs combined…and we’ll what do you know.


TMZ obtained video last that night following the concert of Manziel taking the mic and proclaiming that he would be buying shots for the room, 300 in total. The shots were of Fireball Whiskey and Manziel also threw in some Miller Lights, which were most likely intercepted.