Girl Used Her School’s Snapchat Story To Find Her Crush In Vikings Jersey & The Whole School Helped


SnapChat has transitioned form a simple photo sharing app to a news platform and porthole into what’s going on in the rest of the world in real time. And now, you can add dating app to that list.

This past weekend, the millennial favorite social media platform helped two college students find love each other in one epic Snap story. Here’s how it went down according to Seventeen Magazine:

Girl Sees Boy on Snapchat


A girl who goes to the University of Wisconsin-Madison saw a fellow student wearing a Vikings jersey on the UW geotag Snap story and decided to reach out to him, revealing in her own Snap on the story that she was in love with him and that he should meet up with her at the Memorial Library.

Boy Misses Girl 

Sadly, he missed her at the library, but responded to her, telling her to meet him at the Discovery Center. But she missed his response! Later, she said that if it’s fate, they’d meet each other out on the town that night. And he responded saying he was working on a project, but that he’d try to make it out to meet her (if it’s fate, you know?).

Entire Campus Gets Involved

Now, the entire UW campus was watching their love story play out on Snapchat, anxiously hoping the pair they were now calling Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl would meet!

One guy called Vikings Fan out, posting a video to the geotag saying, “Two things: You can sit right there and you can do your project, or you can get your ass up and find that girl man! She’s looking for you!” Another girl was watching the story play out in bed like she was watching a movie on Netflix, sharing a vid saying, “Sitting here refreshing my Snapchat every 30 seconds just to see updates from Vikings Fan and Memorial Library Girl. Hope you guys meet up tonight!”

So Mystery Girl ends up telling Vikings Fan to meet her at a campus hotspot called The KK and he goes there, but she’s nowhere to be found. “Don’t you do this Mystery Girl!” one student watching the events unfold said anxiously in a video. “Do not do this! If you left, I’m about to be as devastated as I was when Jojo didn’t win the bachelor.”

With the help of their fellow UW Madison Snapchatters, ‘Vikings Fan’ and ‘Mystery Girl’ finally met and it seemed far less awkward that it would have been with one of us…

Here’s the actual UW Madison story that the two and many of their fellow classmates were featured in: