NFLPA Warns Players About Contaminated Meat In China & Mexico May Lead To Positive PED Test


The NFL Players Association sent out a letter on Tuesday to it’s players cautioning them to watch what they eat when they are on vacation abroad.

According to a Twitter post by Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr., the NFLPA told players to be cautious of eating meet in China or Mexico because it might be contaminated with clenbuterol, an anabolic steroid that could produce a positive test for Performance Enhancing Drugs.

NFLPA letter

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson also shared the memo on his Twitter account and added the hashtag #GottaGoVeganOnVacation after saying, “This can’t be real life!”

The Oakland Raiders will face the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football on November 21st in Mexico City as part of the league’s international series. This past Saturday, the Raiders also hosted a fan fest as part of the NFL Draft.

According to ESPN, Texans left tackle Duane Brown tested positive for clenbuterol last season after a “bye-week trip to Mexico, during which he ate Mexican beef.” — After months of fighting the suspension, Brown was finally cleared in April and he avoided a 10-game suspension.

With the NFL trying to expand it’s games to Mexico and China, players will have to be a bit wary about what they eat when being forced to travel and play in these games. As Patrick Peterson put it, #GottaGoVeganOnVacation or in this case when you’re forced to play in a different country where the meat might be contaminated.