Tennessee Titans’ Draft Pick Derrick Henry’s Footwork Looks Horrendous


Derrick Henry was a monster in college at Alabama…which going on recent history, is maybe the worst attribute you can have as a running back.

The habitual college powerhouse down in Tuscaloosa has churned out some of the best, most physical running backs to enter the draft in the past decade, and for whatever reason, besides dominating in college, just are sub-par to horrid players in the NFL. Some former Bama players even end up going blind, per Trent Richardson.

The Tennessee Titans are the newest NFL team to test their fate, drafting Derrick Henry in this year’s draft. The Heisman winner showed off his incredibly quick, calculated, and precise footwork in a team drill Friday in Nashville.

Derrick Henry footwork. #titans

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To Henry’s defense, the RB is a primarily downhill runner, but any running back at the NFL level should be able to complete these basic drills with overwhelming ease, especially at that pace.

Trent Richardson 2.0? Only time will tell.