Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey Upset At Lack of Respect For White Athletes


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If you looked at Stanford University’s running back Christian McCaffrey’s numbers and season in general from last year, you would probably assume he’s not a little white kid. And that’s exactly the notion he’s feeling disrespected.

The Cardinal running won the Rose Bowl to cap off his incredible 2016 season, finishing as a Heisman runner-up, though many thought he should have taken home the trophy.

McCaffery doesn’t seem content though. Not so much with the stats, or his season. How about how people view white athletes.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated in a recent interview, McCaffrey touched upon how white athletes fall under a sigma while what’s truly important flies under the radar.

“When you read about white athletes these days and white skill possession receivers specifically, one word you’ll always find is tough,” McCaffrey told SI. “You’ll rarely see explosive, athletic, stuff like that. … You get a little bit upset: ‘I ran the same 40 as this guy, and you’re calling him … .’ People do the eye test and underestimate me, so I do play with a chip on my shoulder.”

McCaffery isn’t the only one with that last name who feels this way. Ed McCaffrey, a longtime NFL-er who played 13 seasons with the Denver Broncos, agrees with his son.

“There are immediate stereotypes about a white running back who grew up in the suburbs of Colorado,” the elder McCaffrey said. “When we’ve gone to camps or all-star games, he walks on the field and people look at him like he’s nothing.”

McCaffrey broke the NCAA record for all-purpose yardage in a single season last year, as he amassed 3,864 yards. He is considered a Heisman front-runner for this upcoming college football season.

We think athletes like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning would beg to differ with McCaffery’s comments.

ESPN’s Stephen A Smith had his own response to his premise.


  1. It’s not the worst question to ask though. The list of good white RBs over the years basically starts with Franco Harris and Larry Csonka and is pretty barren beyond that. McCaffrey’s speaking about his position…oh you have had good white fullbacks, but not many halfbacks.

  2. What a stupid comparison to end with. Manning, Brady, and Rogers are QBs. Athleticism is secondary to arm strength, decision making etc. No one says, “Peyton Manning, What a great athlete”, The apt comparison would be a white running back considered a “great athlete”.