Julius Peppers Agrees To Pay $8K A Month In Child Support To Leave Pregnant Girlfriend For Instagram Model


You know a guy’s into you when he’s willing to pay 8k a month just to be with you. Now granted, most of us aren’t multi-millionares as Packers’ Julius Peppers is, but you get the idea.

Back in 2014, Peppers left Lia Ames, his then pregnant girlfriend (with his child of course, named Elijah Peppers) to go on vacation with Claudia Sampedro, who has the all to common title these days of ‘Instagram model.’

Sampedro seems to be a ‘good value’ Kardashian, with her on par looks and track record of dating the same men, including NFL star Reggie Bush.


Peppers and Ames have fighting in court since the trip when she sued the linebacker and in order to get Ames off his tail, settled with an $8k per month child support payout.

Bossip.com relayed details of the court order, saying:

“According to court records, the two battled it out in court for close to a year but finally reached a deal over custody, support and important decision making power for their kid. Under the deal, Julius admitted he is Elijah’s dad and is now legally recognized as the father. The current Green Bay Packers linebacker will pay $8,000 a month in child support a month to his former lover, Lia Ames.”


Here’s a look at Sampedro, working her day job as she posed for pic after pic on Instagram:

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