OJ Simpson Agrees To Take Paternity Test For Khloé Kardashian

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The number one football player in the news this offseason? None other than O.J. Simpson, who’s only been retired since 1979.

From documentaries, to films, to headlines of possible evidence being found in his yard after decades, Simpson is back in the spotlight.


The most recent news? The former Bills running back and accused murderer of two has reportedly agreed to submit himself to a paternity test to see if Khloé Kardashian is his in fact his daughter, a predicament many have pondered for years. But according to the Complex, there’s a catch.Via a report from the Daily Mail, Simpson will only go through with the DNA test if she visits him at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. Simpson is currently jailed at the facility serving a sentence of 9 to 33 years for an armed robbery conviction in 2007. Many feel as if Simpson could be released within the next few years.

Jeffrey Felix, a former LCC guard spoke upon the matter Thursday stating, “She has to go there and talk to him. He wants her to come out to Lovelock and visit him in person. O.J. will do it, and the prison officials have told him they will allow it. It’s just a quick mouth swab, and they would allow it to happen during a visit.” Felix also claims Khloé previously “begged” Simpson to take the test.

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Rumors of Simpson being the father of Khloé’s has existed for years. In 2012, TMZ obtained a copy of a statement from the late Robert Kardashian in which the famous attorney said Khloé was indeed his daughter. According to Felix, who once penned a book of his own entitled Guarding the Juice, O.J. wants Khloé to “show him a little respect” by paying him a visit. “He wants to talk to her about some other things too,” he added, “But more importantly, like her, he wants to know if she is his daughter.”

Robert Kardashian died in 2003 of esophageal cancer.