Titans’ B.W. Webb Wears ‘Waffle House’ Arm Sleeve During Practices Simply Because It’s His Favorite Resturaunt

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NASHVILLE, TN – Though the NFL has yet to shift to on game jersey advertising, it’s widely known that teams wear a sponsor patch during practices.

From watching Titans’ practices this season, you’d think their sponsor would be Waffle House. You’d be wrong.


Tiatns cornerback B.W. Webb rocks a custom arm sleeve with the restaurants logo displayed on the side.


Why you may ask?
“I love Waffle House, and I’m showing Waffle House some love by (wearing it),’’ Webb said with a smile. “I have been going to Waffle House since I was little, so it just reminds me of where I came from.’’

Webb, in his fourth NFL season, said he eats at Waffle House once a week. It’s his favorite restaurant, just ahead of Chili’s. When he was back home at Newport News, Virginia, he asked an employee at the Waffle House if he could have the sleeve to wear in practices.

“They normally use it for hot plates,’’ Webb explained. “I just asked the lady if I could have it, and she gave it to me.”

Teammates kid Webb about the uniform addition, but they’re used to it now. When he answered questions about it this week, he got an earful, however. Webb said he also wore the sleeve in practices a few years back while with the Steelers, but he recently decided to break it out in Tennessee.

“There’s a couple of haters on the team that don’t like it,’’ Webb said. “But only those who truly love Waffle House truly understand.”

Webb’s favorite dish at Waffle House?

“All Star Special with scrambled with cheese, with grits and bacon,’’ Webb explained, “and with a light waffle.”

Webb’s love affair with Waffle House perhaps contributed to the restaurant sponsoring his Celebrity Weekend back home in Newport News, Virginia. Many of his teammates have agreed to be there.

As part of the weekend, Webb will host a celebrity basketball game benefitting the Boys and Girls Club. He’ll also host a football camp back for kids.

Chances are he’ll be eating at the Waffle House this weekend as well.

“I love it,’’ Webb said with a smile. “How can you not love Waffle House?”

And if you go to Webb’s Wikipedia page… it lists him as an employee. Not quite sure the pay is comparable.