Ron Lester From ‘Varsity Blues’ Dead At Age 45

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2016 is not even half way over and we’ve seen enough notable deaths for a full 12 months, if not more.

The latest in the line of actors to pass? The lovable, pudgy Ron Lester, famous for his role as Billy Bob in the popular 1999 film Varsity Blues.

The news, broken by TMZ, came just before midnight on Saturday.

Lester had spent about four months in a Dallas area hospital, only to lose his fight Friday night, making the gut-wrenching decision to have himself taken off life support around 9 PM, fiancé by his side.

He had been battling numerous problems including severe liver and kidney issues, to which his death is being attributed to both failures of the organs. The actor was also battling a fight against weight loss to which he was winning, shedding over 300 pounds with the help of a gastric bypass to an almost unrecognizable figure.

Lester was also made appearances on CSI: NY and Not Another Teen Movie.

He was 45. RIP