Tony Romo Surprises Dads At Target For Father’s Day, Takes Them On Shopping Spree


For as much as people run Tony Romo him into the ground, the guy has a smoking hot wife, is one of the toughest QB’s in the game, and is a genuinely good guy, what’s there not the like (besides the interceptions, but that’s for another day).

In preparation for Father’s Day, Romo decided he would do a little something special for the people of Dallas, and came up with a plan to surprise unassuming shoppers of Father’s day gifts with a little gift of his own.

Tony held a session at a Target in which he not only handed out gift cards, but also provided shopping suggestions. Many customers were amazed and they followed him around as he would give advice, take pictures with fans, and give autographs.

Romo, a father himself, has two kids, explaining that his plans this Sunday is to spend time with his two young sons.

Here are some more photos from the trip: