Cleveland Browns Running Back Posts Picture Of Police Officer Getting His Throat Slit


The United States has just emerged from one of the darkest weeks in our the country’s history.

With numerous videos of the height of police brutality, with the horrific and graphic killings of two black men being caught on tape and shared with the world. Alton Sterling and Philander Castile lost their lives at the hands of police officers, prompting ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests across the country. Dallas’ protested included a shooting which left over 10 cops shot and 5 dead in which was a massacre on white and the police force.

When it comes to important societal issues like this one outside of sports, their has been heavy debate on whether athletes should speak out or remain introverted with their thoughts. Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell chose to speak out, yet did it in a digesting, classless way. Following the shootings and admit the outrage sweeping the nation, Crowell posted this to his Instagram account:


Definitely a good look for Crowell, the Browns or the NFL. Crowell took to Twitter to post this apology after deleting the tweet. As expected, neither was taken well.

There’s no word yet on if Crowell will receive punishment from the Browns organization.