Jalen Ramsey’s Home-Cooked Dinner Was Disgusting


Jalen Ramsey is a professional football who recently was selected fifth overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars and signed a $23.3 million guaranteed deal shortly after.  But if you judged Ramsey based on his Sunday dinner, you’d think his appetite is utterly disgusting or he’s unfortunately homeless.

The Jaguars rookie defensive back tweeted a photo of his “home-cooked” meal featuring Powerade, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Vienna Sausages drizzled with what looks to be Taco Bell hot sauce in a Styrofoam plate.

The total cost of the meal was roughly $5.00, making people in his mentions wonder if the Jaguars have paid their prized first round pick.

Maybe Jalen is just reminding people what a student athlete’s meal plan looks like.  (Yes, throwing shade at the NCAA)