Aldon Smith (Currently Suspended) Posts Video Of Himself Smoking Blunt

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Aldon Smith is known for his time spent suspended from the field more so than his time on it.

The promising former 49ers first-round draft pick was picked up by the Raiders after a slew of conduct and substance abuse issues. Not springily, Smith is currently serving a one year suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Though he hasn’t spoken publicly in recent memory, Smith has been active on Periscope, the popular live-streaming video app.

Smith’s account is titled “ravenga,” and posts his video’s under the name “Ricky.”


As of Sunday morning the account only has 29 followers, yet 29 were enough for someone to share the fact that he videoed himself smoking a blunt live.

Given the recent rather serious legal trouble’s he’s been in not the mention the countless instances of substance abuse, you would think a player wanting to get back on his field would be on his best behavior.

According to CSN, Among the 31 video segments archived and publicly available is an installment entitled “Fire up session,” where Smith never appears on camera but his voice, unmistakable when compared to other videos where he talks directly to the camera, has a conversation with an unidentified female about a hand-rolled cigarette shown on screen.