Cowboys Face $250k Fine For Having Too Many Players Suspended On 2016 Roster

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The season hasn’t even started and the Cowboys are already taking loses.

Based on a bizarre club remittance policy, the Cowboys are now facing a $250,000 fine for having too many suspended players on their roster in 2016.

According to ESPN, the NFL is still in the process of formulating this year’s fine schedule, which is based on the number of players suspended on a single team.

Last year, according to rule, any team with three players suspended had to pay a hefty fine of $250,000k.

The Dallas Cowboys now find themselves in that position, with linebacker Rolando McClain and defensive ends DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory all on the roster and currently suspended.

The club remittance policy was created to hold teams accountable for acquiring players who have violated various NFL policies, by fining them an amount that equals up to 25 percent of the worth of the suspended players’ salaries. The Cowboys have seemingly adopted a strategy of picking up free agents and drafting players with troubled pasts and primal history’s as Jerry Jones is confident the team has a structure able to rehab players to normalcy.

With players like Greg Hardy, Joseph Randle and others being brought into the organization and having to be cut due to behavior, legal and locker room issues, the system is needless to say, not going as expected.

According to the policy: “When a player is suspended without pay for a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy, Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse or Policy on Performance-Enhancing Substances, the club that employed the player at the time of the violation will be required to remit to the Management Council a portion of the player’s salary that is deemed forfeited by virtue of his suspension. The collected funds will be used to support the steroid and drug policies, the Player Care Foundation, and other research and player engagement programs.”