Cowboys Unveil New Custom Uniform Tony Romo Will Wear This Season Following Preseason Injury

FRISCO, TX – The Dallas Cowboys returned to Dallas early Friday morning and headed to the training facility before heading home to their families.

QB Tony Romo needed some assistance getting off the plane, due to the injury he suffered on just the third play of the first Cowboys possession of their preseason game vs the Seahawks.

Upon arrival, the Cowboys equipment staff unveiled to the QB the had new protective uniform they would have Romo wear for the 2016-2017 season.


“We can’t lose him,” owner Jerry Jones told ESPN’s Jeremy Shaft. “Yes, Dak’s been playng well but who knows, he could get arrested, catch the contagious MadeOfGlassaridious which Romo is known to spread, anything.”

Romo has allegedly told staff that the protection make it tough to hit his receivers with, but considering that is the usual, coaches weren’t concerned.

The team’s doctors did go through with an MRI for precautionary reasons on Friday and though they didn’t find any blatant fractures of herniated disks, they did notice something strange on the images: