Man Finds Washington Redskins Playbooks For This Season In A Dumpster

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Dan Snyder isn’t squeamish about spending big bucks on his players. He might want to set a hundred of those aside for a paper shredder.

A man has claimed to find Washington Redskins defensive playbooks in the trash. That man called into the DC-area radio show ‘Sports Junkies’ on 106.7 The Fan, and explained his findings.

“So it has what you do in a hot route, what his assignment would have been, what the guy next to him’s assignment would have been, it has breakdowns and handwritten things of the new calls, like the defense changed the call or whatever,” the caller named Josh said on the air. “He scratched it out and put the new verbiage for it. I mean, it’s got everything.”


Host Eric Bicket posted his finding on his social media accounts Thursday.

Look what a listener found in the trash. Hmmmmm @dcsportsbog

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Bickel also retweeted a second photo of a Redskins playbook belonging to Edward E. Ederaine, a rookie linebacker with the team.

With how bad the Redskins defense has been in years past, we’re not sure how this would exactly help any offense anyway.