Eagles Get Ready To Send Sam Bradford Off To Minnesota

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Philadephia Eagles and on top of the world right now. After claiming their preseason champs title while going 4-0 in meaningless preseason games, more good news is sweeping through the city.

The Vikings front-office went out and got apparently so drunk last night that they drunk texted Eagles GM Howie Roseman.

“Whut do yuguys wannt for Bradferd?” Rick Speilman wrote.

Roseman texted back, “?”


Speilman: “We want Bradford. naem your price man. I refuse to sagn friggin Buttfubmle Mark Sanchesz.”

Roseman joking wrote back: “Lol, give us like a first round pick and a 4th rounder next season.”

Speilman: “DOnE.”

Speilman woke up Saturday morning to the news that the Vikings had given up a boatload in a trade to get Sam Bradford and stormed to the facility furious about who made this move without going through him.

“You did apparently,” management responded.

With the deal done, the Eagles prepared Bradford for his flight up to Minnesota, making sure he didn’t get injured along the way voiding the trade.

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The only other hope for the Vikings is if Sam Bradford fails his physical, where if that’s the case the trade will be called off. Speilman and the Vikings aren’t rolling that out, as Bradford could very likely tear his ACL walking into the bathroom to give his urine sample.e