Zero ‘Roughing The Passer’ Penalties Were Called On Cam Newton All Last Season

Following the first NFL game in 2015 days, you’d expect the talk to be about how good it is to have our favorite sport, our favorite league back. Though that’s partially the conversation, we have fallen right back into concussion talk, and this time it may be rightfully so.

Panthers QB Cam Newton took multiple vicious late and helmet-to-helmet hits by Broncos defenders Thursday night – only one of which was called.

That specific penalty came late during the game, but it’s yardage was negated due to a intentional grounding call, netting it a total of zero yards the Broncos defense was penalized for the numerous arguably illegal hits.

Many are also wondering why Cam Newton wasn’t taken out by the officials to be evaluated for concussion protocol, an issue that the NFL has put more emphasis on than any other in the past years.

Newton even seemed to not quite remember the details of what happened late in the game during a postgame interview that immediately followed such.

A crazy statistic came to light following the game, one that may shock most football fans. A whopping zero ‘roughing the passer’ calls were called in Newton all last season, including the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, it seems as if a defender does as much as breathe on Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, the flag starts flying.

Last season, Newton came out with statements that long-time NFL official Gene Steratore told his he was purposely not giving him calls. Steratore was also the head of the crew working last night’s game.

You could relate this situation with that of Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James and Ben Roethisberge, where the same punishment on them simply look as forceful due to the size and power of the player being affected. Newton, standing at 6′ 5″, 250lbs. could be yet another victim of having there own strength minimize the effect of the same affect.