Falcons Unveil Plans For Monstrous Bird Statue, Will Be The Largest In World


The Atlanta Falcons are not limiting themselves to any expense with their new stadium, and if that means the largest bird statue in the world, put it on the bill.

The team unveiled plans for a monstrous statue of a falcon gripping a football in its talons that will reside in the new $1.5 billion dollar Mercedes Benz Stadium that will be ready for the 2017-2018 season.



Hungarian artist Gábor Miklós Szőke is the man behind the design and build. Szőke claims that the bird will stand 41.5 feet high and have a wingspan of 64 feet. To put that into layman’s terms, that’s the size of a four-story building. 

The costly statue will be the largest bird statue in the world. Something says the taxpayers who had to chip in $200 million won’t be too happy.