Melvin Gordon’s Mom Wearing Son’s Jersey For First Time: “He Had To Earn My Respect.”


Melvin Gordon is looking up in the stands today and seeing his mother in his jersey for the first time in his career.

The mother of sophomore Chargers running back Melvin Gordon is sporting her son’s #28 jersey for the very first time today as he and his team take on the Jaguars.

Back in 2015, Carmen Gordon told reporters during training camp that she wouldn’t wear Melvin’s jersey during his rookie season, quoting, “[he has to] show me a little something [first].”


Last Friday, the two went to the team store to finally pick one out.

After an entire rookie season where Gordon didn’t score one touchdown, he scored two in the first game of the new season last week against the Chiefs. That performance though is not the reason Mrs. Gordon finally decided to buy the jersey.

“He showed up; he hasn’t arrived yet,” she said about his performance in the season opener.

Melvin says, “It didn’t matter to me what she was wearing. She could’ve had a raincoat on. I would’ve been cool knowing she was there, and she was. The jersey meant more to other people than it did to me. She’s always supported me. She always wants me to know she’s here for me through the good and bad.”

Momma looks on proudly today in her new digs.