Redskins Players Allegedly Over Kirk Cousins, Want Colt McCoy In As QB


After an offseason of hope coming off winning the division and bolstering needs in free agency, the Redskins now find themselves at 002, losing both of the first two games of the season at home.

Like any frustrating losing will tend to cause, there is allegedly already rifts in the Washington locker room.

According to Pro Football Talk, multiple offensive players have begun to complain about quarterback Kirk Cousins behind his back, pointing to a lack of decisiveness, erratic play, and confusion.


Even more surprising, players would rather have the serially ineffective Colt McCoy in as QB.

“At least he’d play with poise,” one player offered.

“We’ve got the New York Giants as soon as we leave here, so he can watch the tape, find out what’s going on if he’s not sure what the indecision might be, why he’s missing some throws, but you know, it’s a tough game. He’s got people around his feet,” coach Jay Gruden told reporters after the game. “He’s got to make some tough throws and usually ones he would normally hit but he missed a few today. We’ll coach him up.”

This chatter behind their Qbs back may sound familiar, as it was reported the locker room grew apart from RGIII during his tenure in DC, rallying around Cousins. It now seems as Kirk’s time has come.

In just two weeks, the Redskins have gone from first to worst in the NFC East.