Panthers Coach Ron Rivera Storms Out Of Press Conference, Can’t Get Door Open

It’s well known NFL head coaches don’t like, and frankly don’t have time for stupid questions.

On Sunday when the Panthers took on the 49ers, LB Luke Kuechly took a hard block from Niners’ Quinton Patton block during during a Vance McDonald 75-yard touchdown. The block to the average football fan looked like any other, so much so coach Rivera wasn’t having any of it when asked during a press conference on Tuesday.

Reporter: “Luke took a really hard shot on the sideline, he was trying to chase him down. We didn’t get to talk to him after the game, is he OK?”

Rivera: “Really? I don’t, you know… I mean, he got blocked. OK? I mean, let’s try not to create something that’s not there. To me, that’s not there. He got hit in the shoulder pads from the side. OK?”


To make the situation even more awkward, when Rivera stormed out of the room, he was hit with a road block – a locked door.

Smooth coach.