A Penn State Player Just Got Called For ‘Targeting’ For Trying To Catch The Ball


The newly implemented ‘targeting penalty’ has hit football with controversy.

Granted, the intentions of the rule are sound, but for every warranted call, there’s a atrocity of one.

If a player is called for targeting, the play is reviewed and it is determined if a player lead with the crown of his helmet to the head or neck region of another player. If such is found, the player is ejected, if not the play results in a 15-yard penalty.


Penn State linebacker Brandon Smith was the most recent of those ejected, for what may be the worst targeting penalty you’ll ever see.

While coming up to attempt to intercept a low-thrown pass, Smith accidentally made contact with a Michigan WR’s helmet while his arms were extended, to which he will now miss the rest of the game for.

Keep in mind that was reviewed…another officiating disgrace from the NCAA.