Family Drama Huge on Fear The Walking Dead, But Fans Miss Strand

This show started off as a shitty family drama. Every episode was filled with bad characters with no real chemistry between them. But then we got Strand and everything changed for the better. It seems as if the show did not plan for how well he was received and have decided to put him on the back burner since they have absolutely no idea how to handle his character. Google “Fear the Walking Dead Cast” and you will barely see any pictures of him. They did not plan for him.

The Nick n Strand Hour could have been amazing. nickstrandHowever, the show kept pushing the family dynamic on us. This season we have not really even seen these two together.

Even worse, they have sidelined Strand by having him defer to Madison first, and then with an injury over the past few episodes and put the family shit fully on front page.

Has it worked? Well, the Travis/Chris story line is new and refreshing, even if it does sort of give us vibes of Rick/Shane from early TWD. The makings of a bad guy are always riveting to watch.


However, Alicia/Madison have had the weakest storyline so far though. No one gives a shit about the fact that Madison’s husband killed himself. We all know she is overly protective of her kids. We don’t need to hear about a suicide from before the outbreak to drive it home. Work in the here and now, not the past.madisonboring

So it seems as though the results are mixed. This show is far better when Nick and Strand get into something interesting. Its great fun to watch the wheels turn in Strand’s head while Nick goes out there to execute a plan. It is far less fun to watch Madison bark orders at people and then do something foolish.

With that said, watching Travis come to grips with the fact that his son is a piece of shit is good TV. He still blames himself as a father, which is honestly what any good father is going to do. And I can’t wait to see the Douche Bag Gang get their comeuppance when they meet Travis once again. And Chris turning on his dad like that….Oh man, it is going to be amazing when he comes face to face with his father again. Kudos to FTWD for creating this wedge and letting it grow.

Still, we miss Strand. Make him get better soon and put him back in charge. We need his strong mind and witty comments!