Dez Bryant Calls Out Skip Bayless On Twitter


Skip Bayless is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys but apparently the Dallas Cowboys aren’t a fan of Skip Bayless.

Skip, who is worldly known for his outrageous remarks and takes took to Twitter to yet again drop an absurd hot take that carries no basis.

According to Skip, “his Dallas Cowboys” are better off without the their star wideout, Dez Bryant.  That’s just ridiculous, regardless what your opinion is about Dez, you can’t deny how good of a receiver he is and how important he is to the Cowboys success:

As you already know, this wasn’t going to sit well with Cowboys fans, who flooded his mention.  This Cowboys went out of his way to make sure Dez was aware of Skip’s outrageous remark.

Des took the opportunity to call out Bayless on his baseless remark:

Bryant has missed the last two games with a knee injury; During that span, the Cowboys went 2-0, defeating the 49ers, 24-17 and a victory over the Bengals this past Sunday, 28-14.