The NFL Fined New York Giants DE Owa Odighizuwa For The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever


The NFL has official lost it’s mind.

During last Sunday’s Rams-Giants game in London, Giants safety Landon Collins made one of the best plays you’ll ever see, intercepting a Case Keenum pass and returning it all the way for the a TD.

The play jolted his teammates, excited them, motivated them. It was a moment to celebrate after all it was an amazing play.


Second year defensive end Owa Odighizuwa decided to celebrate by pretending to take a picture of his teammate, well according to the NFL and their bogus rule book, that’s “unsportsmanlike.”

As usual, a flag was thrown, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was called for yet another bogus reason.

But what makes matters even more ridiculous is the fine the NFL handed down to the Giants DE for pretending to take a picture of his teammate:

Yet, the NFL wonders why it’s ratings are so down as they continue to try to turn it’s players into robots.