With 3 Top 4 Teams Losing Yesterday, Browns Slide Into College Football Playoff Picture


If this week in college football wasn’t enough of a sign the world was ending, remember the comes after the Cubs won the world Series and Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

In an string of games that nobody could have predicted, three of the top four teams projected by the College Football Playoff Committee before Saturday went down. Clemson first fell victim to Pittsburgh in their own stadium, with Washington getting beat next by USC, followed not too long after by Iowa kicking their way past the #2 ranked Wolverines of Michigan.

The committee has announced the new rankings, and it appears as the Cleveland Browns have slid into the picture along with the Louisville Cardinals and Ohio State Buckeyes making their way back into the creme de la creme of college football.


The Browns don’t have a golden road to the playoff though, as they still have to operate around the Hellen Keller School For The Death & Blind, who is only a 2 point dog, projected by Vegas.