Luke Kuechly Suffers Scary Looking Injury, In Tears & Hyperventilating As He’s Carted Off Field

After a year of magic that lasted all of last season until the final game, the Carolina Panthers haven’t been able to muster up the same luck this season.

The bad luck hit it’s climax Thursday night when linebacker Luke Kheucly, arguably the best in the game at his position, went down late in the 4th quarter while trying to make a tackle against the Saints.

With an already miserable sight for Panther fans, Kheucly was in tears as he was carted off the field.


If there’s one guy that would be the last to cry after an injury it may be this one.

He has since entered concussion protocol, adding to the list of such concussions he’s had in his career. His previous took him out for 3 games.