Colin Kaepernick Gets Cramp Trying To Kneel During Aretha Franklin’s Way-Too-Long National Anthem


MILWAUKEE, WI – Colin Kaepernick is back in his hometown of Milwaukee for Thanksgiving, but the holiday is not off to a good start.

Moments after sitting down in his parents living room to catch some of the first day of today’s Thanksgiving slate, Kaepernick took a knee for the anthem sung by Aretha Franklin, which frankly almost moved the start of the game to the day after Thanksgiving.

After she took an unheard of four and a half minutes to get through the entirety of the song, Kaepernick’s hamstring gave out, bringing him to the floor in agony.

Early reports are the 49ers quarterback will be ok and will return to the couch.

“I may have to stretch this out now as much as she did,” Colin joking noted.