Dak Prescott’s Ex-Girlfriend Calls Him Out For Being “Fake Humble”


Even though it may seem like it is, not everything is perfect about Dak Prescott.

The sensational rookie quarterback who the Dallas Cowboys took in the 4th round of the 2016 Draft has taken the NFL by storm and is sitting the Cowboys at 9-1, holding the best record in the NFL.

Even though the rookie has solidified his spot as the starting quarterback after Tony Romo’s press conference, his humble attitude has been called into question.

According to Prescott’s ex-girlfriend, his humbleness is nothing but an act.

dallas-nicolePrescott’s ex was at last week’s Ravens-Cowboys game but seems like she left angry even though Prescott and the Cowboys came out with a win.

Her rant went as far as to compare Prescott to Johnny Manziel. Since then, Prescott’s Playboy Model ex┬áhas deleted her entire Twitter account. She briefly claimed her account was hacked, but eventually admitted she was just another pissed off “drunk ex-girlfriend.”

As long as his fake attitude keeps him on the field and out of trouble, I’m sure Cowboys fans do not care about his act.