Reminder: ESPN Paid $111,764,705 For The Jets To Shit The Bed Last Night On MNF

iconESPN renewed their contract with the National Football League in 2011 for the rights to Monday Night Football, the highest rated show on cable television, worth $15.2 billion.

At a fixed $1.9 billion dollars shelled out per year, the money breaks down to $111,764,705 per game. One of those games was the travesty to football that was the performance that the New York Jets put on last night.

In arguably the worst single showing from any football team this season, the Jets fell 14-41 to the Indianapolis Colts in primetime.

In conjunction with ESPN, the NFL recently began flexing unfavorable games scheduled before the season with no way of knowing how those teams would matchup during said season.

The Jets were flexed out of primetime last week in their game against the Patriots for a more enticing Chiefs vs Broncos game which lived up to expectations.

With a half empty stadium for Monday night’s game which had some implications for the playoff, granted on the other side, it will be hard to imagine how depressing of an atmosphere it will be when the team plays once again in primetime later this season.