Ex-Dolphin Says Nick Saban Cut Him For Missing Practice To See Dying Dad One Last Time


Nick Saban’s resume in regard to football may be unmatched. When it come’s to his heartfelt manner? It may be the same, for all the wrong reasons.

Ex-NFLer P.K. Sam recently brought to light one instance of Nick Saban’s heartlessness, wiring on Twitter that when he was on the Dolphins’ practice squad in 2006, Saban (the coach of the Dolphins at the time) cut him for needing to miss a practice – to visit his dying father one last time.

“Thank you Nick Saban. Ten years ago today you cut me from the Miami Dolphins because I flew home to hug my dad before he died,” Sam wrote. “CLASSY!”

After Saban left the Dolphins to coach Alabama soon after, Miami brought Sam back for training camp in 2007.

Similar stories has come out over the years including one where Saban stepped over one of his college players while he was having a heat stroke, and kept walking.