Ex-Falcons RB Jamal Anderson Whipped Penis Out, Masterbated In Front Of Store Clerk


2016 has been weird enough…why not go out with a bang?

According to police, ex-NFL running back and four time Pro Bowler Jamal Anderson walked into a Georgia QuikTrip convince store and whipped his penis out in front of the clerk Wednesday morning. That wasn’t the worst of it.

The clerk noted a black male walked into the store early Wednesday morning, slurred something and started handing over money. He started walking around the store. A short while later he walked up to the clerk and took out his penis and started masturbating.

After the clerk dialed police, officers arrived and found the ex-Falcons star. They noted he appeared intoxicated, and told them he’d been dropped off by friends. TMZ obtained the 911 call:

The clerk opted not to press charges, but Anderson did get ticketed for criminal trespass. He was uber-ed home.

As one would expect, Anderson is now banned from the QuikTrip.